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Kettering & District Eisteddfod
About the syllabus

Welcome to the Kettering & District Eisteddfod syllabus for 2017. This year, there are over 160 classes to choose from, and these are divided into two main sections: music (including both instrumental and vocal classes) and speech & drama. Some class numbers and descriptions have changed this year so please make sure you read them carefully. There are also several new classes

There is a new choir class for Recently Formed Choirs. There is also a new verse speaking class Share a Poem and new class for Sacred Text. Do check our Partnership Classes, for a singer and any accompanying instrument.

You can either use the menu (top left) to browse through the different categories and classes in each section, or click on the link (bottom left) to download a complete PDF copy of the syllabus.

Once you have decided which classes to enter, then all you need to do is to complete the entry form (which can be downloaded from the links on the left) and send it to the relevant secretary. Don't forget to sign it and enclose the appropriate payment. Your applications must arrives by 17th Dec 2016.

Paper copies of the syllabus are also available from:


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