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Frequently asked questions

Kettering & District Eisteddfod
About the festival
When is the festival held?
The Eisteddfod takes place in mid March each year. The current dates are on the home page

Who runs the festival?
The Eisteddfod is run by an enthusiastic committee of unpaid volunteers. If you would like to help us, please contact the festival secretary.

I do not live in Kettering - but may I still take part in the festival?
Of course you can take part. It does not matter where you live and a warm welcome will be extended to you.

Where can I get a syllabus?
You can download the syllabus from this website. Alternatively, paper copies are available from:

Where are the actual venues?

There are three venues for the festival; The Toller UR Church in Gold Street, The Salvation Army Citadel in Rockingham Road & Woodcroft Scout Centre off London Road - Click here for a more details.
Use this link to download a PDF of the venues.and parking places.

Where can I park?

There is a multi-storey car park in the town centre or you can use Sainsbury's car park (charges apply)
Woodcroft has its own car park. Use this link to download a PDF of the parking places and venues

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Entering the festival
How can I make sure that I enter the right class for my age?
You need to check the dates carefully. To be eligible for a class which specifies a particular age or age group, it is your age on 1st September on the year prior to the Eisteddfod that counts.

Am I too old to enter?
No-one is too old to enter! We welcome entries from a wide variety of ages as there are classes available to suit everyone.

How many classes may I enter?
You may enter as many classes as you wish - but please bear in mind that the times of some classes may clash with each other.

How much does it cost to enter?
The entry fee depends on your age. You will also qualify for a small discount if you enter four or more classes!

Can I pay through my credit or debit card
No - we can only accept cash or cheques.

Who do I make cheques payable to?
Please make your cheques payable to Kettering & District Eisteddfod

What is the last date for entering?
Your entries must reach us by the closing date. No late entries will be accepted.

Who do I send my "own choice" pieces to?
You should send these to the relevant syllabus secretary - for speech & drama, or music.

When is the last date for sending my "own choice" pieces?
Please make sure the relevant syllabus secretary receives these by 1st February in the year of the Eisteddfod.

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Performing at the festival
What should I wear?
There is no strict dress code. The adjudicators are there to judge your performance - but appearance does play a part. It is best to wear something that is comfortable to perform in, but which is also smart for the audience and the adjudicator. For instance, if you are taking part during school time, it is fine to wear your uniform. Of course, you will want to be in costume, if your speech & drama class requires it!

How do I know where to go?
Check the programme for the time and place for your class and use this link for a map of the venues

Do I need to bring a copy of my poem / scene / piece / song to the Eisteddfod?
If you are performing an "own choice" piece, the adjudicator will need a copy. Also, if you require an official accompanist you must ensure that the music secretary receives your music by  February 1st in the year of the Eisteddfod. Copies of "own choice" Speech & Drama pieces must be sent to the Speech & Drama secretary by this date also.
PLEASE NOTE - at least one original copy of all "own choice" pieces must be in the room on the day to fulfil copywrite conditions. If the accompanist is playing from the original copy the adjudicator can have a copy.

Can I bring my own accompanist? 
Competitors are advised to use the services of the official accompanist but may provide their own if they wish, but please note, no class will be delayed waiting for your accompanist to arrive.

How will the official accompanist know how to accompany me? 
The Eisteddfod provides official, highly skilled accompanists and the committee advises that they should not be contacted prior to the Festival. Performers may discuss the tempo etc of a piece before their performance. This provides an equal opportunity for every performer.’

How big is the audience?
It varies, depending on the class and the number of competitors. Sometimes there may be over 50 people present, but at other times there may be just the other competitors - so perhaps as few as six if the class is a small one.

Will people laugh at me?
No - everyone is there to take part or to listen to the performances. You should only hear the sound of laughter if you are performing a humorous piece!

What if I make a mistake?
Sometimes people may make a mistake or forget their words - but the adjudicator will understand that this can happen and will take account of your performance as a whole. Generally, it is best to press on regardless, unless the adjudicator asks you to start again.

What if my piece is too long?
The adjudicator's assistant will be keeping a time check, and therefore it is essential that your pieces are within any time limit stated for your class. If you go over the time limit a penalty may be applied.

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Attending the festival
When can I get a programme for the festival?
The programme is published late February, once all entries have been received and collated.
It is available on-line from any of the secretaries or at the venues during the Eisteddfod

Can my family watch me?
Of course! We positively welcome families and friends to come and watch performances. They will need to purchase an entry ticket, which is available at the door of each performance venue.

Can my family take a photo of me during the performance - or can I take photographs of others?
No photographs can be taken during a performance. However it may be possible to take some photographs at the end of your class, at the discretion of the Eisteddfod staff.

Where can I park?
There is a multi-storey car park in the town centre or you can use Sainsbury's car park (charges apply)
Woodcroft has its own car park. Use this link to download a PDF of the parking places and venues

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The festival concert
When and where is the concert?
The Eisteddfod concert is normally held on the Saturday of the Eisteddfod week.
Use this link for the latest information

How are performers selected for the concert?
The committee invites people to perform at the concert, based on recommendations from the syllabus secretaries.

When - and where - can I purchase concert tickets?
Tickets for the concert  can be purchased from any of the performance venues and they will be available at the door on the day.

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