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General guidance on how to apply

Kettering & District Eisteddfod
Procedural points
Competitors are advised to read the Eisteddfod rules prior to making an entry.
  • All GENERAL ENQUIRIES should be address to the festival secretary.
  • Queries about the MUSIC or SPEECH & DRAMA SECTIONS should be made to the relevant secretary.
  • Letters requiring a written reply must include a stamped addressed envelope.

Please note also:
  • The Committee reserves the right to refuse material inappropriate to the occasion.
  • Applications can only be accepted if they are signed and accompanied by the correct entry fee.
  • Competitors who wish to use the official accompanists in any "own choice" class should send their copy to the appropriate music secretary no later than 1st February in the Eisteddfod year
  • To comply with Copyright & Performing Rights the ORIGINAL copy of ALL "own choice" pieces must be in the room on the day of the Eisteddfod. Photocopies will not be accepted unless accompanied by signed written permission.
  • The Adjudicator will require a copy of ALL "own choice" pieces on the day.
    For music classes: If the accompanist is using the original copy, this can be a photocopy, but it must be destroyed after adjudication.

Entry fees
Unless otherwise indicated in the syllabus, the following table of fees should be used:
Music, speech & drama classes
(solo, duet, duologue & trio)
Choirs, ensembles & groups
(more than 3 people)
Competitors under 12 years 3.50 Competitors under 12 years 8.00 per group
Competitors 12 - 16 years 4.50 Competitors over 12 years 10.00 per group
Competitors 17 - 21 years 5.00  
Competitors over 21 years 6.00  
Please note also:
  • All entries for open classes will be charged at senior class rate
  • For duets, duologues and trios of mixed age groups the higher rate of fees apply
  • Fees are per entry not per person - e.g. only one fee is paid for an entry to a duet/trio class although there are two/three people performing
  • Any competitor entering for four solo music and/or speech & drama classes will be entitled to a reduction of 1 on the total entry fee.
  • The Eisteddfod is unable to accept payment by credit/debit cards.
  • Cheques should be made payable to Kettering & District Eisteddfod.

Where to send your entries
Speech & Drama classes Miss Margaret Read
Ashgate Cottage, ROTHWELL, Northamptonshire, NN14 6HZ
ALL Music classes
vocal, choral & instrumental
Mrs Linda Langdell
44 Cardigan Road, STANION, Northamptonshire, NN14 1BY

Closing date
The closing date for entries is the Third Friday in the December prior to the festival.
No late entries will be accepted.