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Speech & Drama Results 2016

Verse Speaking

Class 200 Verse Speaking 5 years and under
  1st Oliver Hannam
  2nd Rupert Fray
  3rd Braiden Annis

Class 201 Verse Speaking 6 years and under
  1st Charles Stock
  2nd Freddie Brammer
  3rd= RJ Shaw & Eva Conn

Class 202 Verse Speaking 7 years and under
  1st Dalitso Mlia
  2nd Maggie Gancheva
  3rd= Abbie Ewen & Simon Sieunarine

Class 203 Verse Speaking 8 years and under
  1st Corbyn Annis
  2nd= Nathan Kinchin, Isabella Moxon & Effie White
  3rd= Brynn Smith & Amar Kumar Mehan

Class 204 Verse Speaking 9 years and under
  1st Daisy Styles
  2nd Lili Skye Howe
  3rd= Ava Brammer, Abbie Major & Ali Altunkaynak

Class 205 Verse Speaking 10 years and under
  1st Sofia Aaron
  2nd Josie Allott
  3rd Jasmin Sheanon

Class 206 Verse Speaking 11 years and under
  1st Charlotte Smith
  2nd Tom Daly

Class 207 Verse Speaking 13 years and under
  1st Julia Holland
  2nd Amber Wickremasinghe
  3rd George Jones  

Class 208 Verse Speaking 15 years and under
  1st Matthew Holland
  2nd Eleanor Davis Jones

Class 209 Verse Speaking 16 years and under
  1st Elizabeth Moxon
  2nd Daniel Holland

Class 210 Verse Speaking Open
  1st Alxandra Allport
  2nd Charles Stock
  3rd Emily Rowley  

Class 211 Senior Poetry Class
  1st Margaret Baker
  2nd Pauline Evans
  3rd= Roger Payne & Julie Edwards  
Prose Speaking

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Class 212 Memorised Prose Speaking 10yrs & under
  1st Madeline Moxey
  2nd Sophie Banks

Class 215 Senior Prose Class
  1st Pauline Evans
  2nd Julie Edwards
  3rd Margaret Tuffin  

Class 216 Shakespeare Class 13yrs & under
  1st Katie Maybin
  2nd Julia Holland
  3rd George Jones  

Class 217 Shakespeare Class 14yrs & over
  1st Matthew Holland


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Class 219 Solo Mime 15yrs & under
  1st Eleanor Davies Jones

Class 221 Duo Mime - Open
  1st Julia & Matthew Holland
  2nd George & Rosie Jones


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Class 223 Duologue 10yrs & under
  1st Nickki Lily Atife & Lucie Coombes

Class 224 Duologue 12yrs & under
  1st Sophie Coombes & Ben Mineards

Class 225 Duologue 14yrs & under
  1st Ellie thomson & Sienna Sqoluppi
  2nd= Julia & Matthew Holland and Eleanor Davies Jones & Suzi Warwick


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Class 227 Solo Acting 10yrs & under
  1st  Beatriz Kingsmill Smith
  2nd= Katie Maybin, Lucie Coombes & Lilli Skye Howe
  3rd= Sophie Banks, Charley Knight & Isabella Moxon  

Class 228 Solo Acting 12yrs & under
  1st Ben Mineards
  2nd Fabian Sqoluppi
  3rd Sophie Coombes  

Class 229 Solo Acting 14yrs & under
  1st Julia Holland
  2nd Eleanor Davies Jones

Class 230 Solo Acting 15yrs & over
  1st Tamzin Lee
  2nd Des-Ree Tafrinique
  3rd= Leah Mitchell & Rachel Keevil  

Class 231 Group Acting 11yrs & under
  1st Kettering Buccleuch Academy (Yr 5/6)
  2nd Kettering Buccleuch Academy (Yr 7)

Class 232 Group Acting 14yrs & under
  1st Kettering Buccleuch Academy (Yr 9)
  2nd Kettering Buccleuch Academy (Yr 10)
  3rd Kettering Buccleuch Academy (Yr 8)  

Class 233 Group Acting 15yrs & under
  1st Queen Eleanor Cross Senoirs

Sight Reading

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Class 234 Sight Reading 8yrs & under
  1st Lucie Coombes
  2nd= Rosie Jones & Amelia Buckby
  3rd= Chloe Ayoub & Laura Worzala  

Class 235 Sight Reading 10yrs & under
  1st Lili Skye Howe
  2nd Ali Altunkaynak
  3rd Hazel Millar  

Class 236 Sight Reading 12yrs & under
  1st Sophie Coombes
  2nd Sophie Wright

Class 238 Sight Reading 15yrs & over
  1st Margaret Tuffin
  2nd Pauline Evans
  3rd Julie Edwards  

Group Speaking

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Class 239 Group Speaking 8yrs & under
  1st Hawethorn Community Primary School
  2nd St Peter's School, Kettering
  3rd Kettering Park Junior School  

Class 240 Group Speaking 11yrs & under
  1st St Peter's School, Kettering
  2nd Queen Eleanor Cross Juniors
  3rd Kettering Park Junior School

Class 242 Group Speaking 15yrs & over
  1st Anothology

Class 243 Group Speaking Open
  1st Geddington & Newton WI

Bible Reading

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Class 244 Bible Reading 12yrs & under
  1st Emily Laskey

Class 246 Bible Reading 15yrs & over
  1st Pauline Evans
  2nd Alexandra Alport

Class 247 Public Speaking Open
  1st Daniel Holland
  2nd Matthew  Holland
  3rd= Emily Rowley & Alexandra Allport

Family & Friends Entertainment

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Class 248 Family & Friends Open
  1st Geddington & Newton WI
Original Composition

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