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Special Awards 2015

Speech & Drama

Churchill Award - Most promising competitor 11 years and under – Fabian Sqoluppi
Kathleen Howard Trophy - Best duologue or solo performance – Julia & Matthew Holland
Lawn Trust Cash Prize - Most promising local competitor 18 years and under – Julia Holland
G M Riseley AwardMost promising competitor in the 14yrs and under - Tom Moxon
Elsie Bicheno Award - Most promising competitor in senior classes - Emily Rowley
Jackson Cup - Adjudicator’s choice for the performance they most enjoyed - Queen Eleanor Cross Seniors
Kathleen Read Award (Poetry Anthology) - Awarded to encourage a love of poetry - Elizabeth Moxon
A Druid's Chair - The overall winner of the group speaking classes – Geddington & Newton WI
Edna Hegarty Award - The overall winner of the Shakespeare classes – Eleanor Hogg            


G M Riseley Award - The overall winner of instrumental solo classes 10 years and under - Charlie Goode
Muriel Wallis Award - Awarded to ‘encourage young singers' - Josephine Chawner
Jane Cosford Memorial Award - Outstanding performance in the 'Songs from the Shows' classes - Joe Dixon
Lawn Trust Cash Prize - Awarded to aid further tuition for the two most promising local competitors under18yrs - Madeline Boreham & Charlie Botting
Haydn Sail Award - The most promising vocal soloist 10 years and under - Casey Wade
Meikle Baird Award - The most promising competitor under 21yrs in vocal classes – Georgia Humphrey
Spinning Wheel Award - The best of the Pianoforte classes 14 yrs & under - Ellis Johnston
Montagu Girls' Choir Trophy & Award - Most promising local vocal soloist 13-21yrs - Katie Marshall
Josef's Piano Award - Most outstanding performance in senior piano classes - Alice Chan
Kettering Rotary Club AwardBest individual in instrumental classes - Jennifer Espin
Sir Edwin Jowitt Trophy - Josephina Chapman
Market Harborough Building Society Award - The best group performance - Catmose Brass Ensemble
Kay Humfrey Award - Adjudicator’s choice of the most humorous entry - Roger Payne